Monday, 20 February 2012

With Love...

How do you sign your e-mails to folk? I have a fairly well-worn routine. When I first start communicating with someone they end with Regards, then maybe All the Best, Kind Regards and then become Best wishes and often that is where they stick. At a push they may then develop to getting the occasional 'Luv' which is a cop out. It's not exactly 'Love' but it's better than Best Wishes...

If someone is a friend they get 'Love'. Some people then get something weird like 'Love in kettles', 'Love in tea-pots' or whatever happens to be the topic of the day – or even something totally unrelated to anything like 'Love in space shuttles'.) A couple of folk, mainly family, get 'Lots of Love'. Partner-who-drinks-tea not only gets Lots of Love but also xxx. It has to be at least three xxx's following a conversation she had with someone where the woman in question mentioned her husband having received a text with xxx from a girl. “It was a three x' message”, she said, as if that explained in detail how intimate the text had been. (And yes, I do e-mail Partner-who-drinks-tea sometimes. It may be the only way to communicate when she's working long hours or I want to send her a link that's not urgent.)

There are some people I know in 'real life' that I e-mail and they get 'Love' just as they would get a kiss or a firm handshake is they turned up at the door. But what about people one has met through blogs?

The big decision is when does someone graduate to receiving 'Love' because one has to be aware not only of whether one means it but also how they will feel getting it. Is there any point in sending them it if you don't really know them or don't especially feel love towards them. But also you have to think about their reaction. There are so many weirdoes out there that one worries about being classified with them if one graduates to 'Love' too early. Who is this 62 year old bearded fellow who thinks he can 'Love' me?

Having taken the momentous step with a new friend – yes, she's definitely a friend already, we didn't bother with the acquaintance stage – I got this reply:-

“YAY!  We've graduated to LOVE!  That's always a good sign.  I agree, all the "regards" and such are just a sort of cautionistic essay forth, in case the other person turns out to be a complete turd.  But really, I think love is the right word.  The Beatles said it, and they were right. “

Says it all really.

So Kind Regards / Best wishes / Love / Lots of Love (delete as appropriate) to you all.


  1. My easiest way out is sending emails at a time when something like "Have a nice weekend!" is appropriate.

    People such as my sisters-in-law get "love" or "lots of love", because that is what I truly feel for them. Others get "Take care" or "Speak soon" or similar; meaning well and to expressing the hope to stay in touch without being too "loving" with someone I am not on such close terms.

    Since many of my emails are in German, I do not have to think about the "love"-ending that often.

  2. Thank you for the smile John - and yes, it really is love from me! AND love to Jo too - there I have covered all the bases!! xx (not three)

  3. Back in letter writing days, I always used 'Love' or 'Sincerely' without giving it much thought.
    With email, I mix it up with 'Best Regards', 'Love and xxx's, my name or nothing at all.
    Best Regards,

  4. Fond regards.
    Fondest regards.
    I don't do 'hugs', which seems to be a popular sign off these days.
    Love - for family and good friends and Best Love for my children.

  5. I probably don't even need to comment, you can guess me and my thoughts already ;) I'd about agree with you but have no idea with the xxx other than that means really naughty movies in the US, not any that my eyes have EVER seen, that's for sure.

    And, now...I will end with a loving thought that I learned from my little red 'thing-a-ma-jig' {you'll have to google that one}....

    Fare thee well ♥

  6. Oooops...don't google thing {a ma jig}....

    it's SING A MA JIG


  7. Funny post. Reminds me of a conversation that could happen on the old American sit-com Seinfeld. (They tend to over-think the trivial.) But then, they were so popular, who's to say it's over analyzed.

    I like this as a generic closing...

    Happy Monday!

    but for you?

    with kindest regards,


  8. Hahahahaha I LOVE IT! I like to end with hugs, I am just that kind of a gal, a real hugger! so hugs to you!

  9. thought provoking!
    To some bloggers that I feel drawn to through their writing, I put ~hugs~ as a closing. But only to my family and friends do I write xoxox, which means to me and mine "hugs and kisses."
    others, I wish them blessings.

  10. Let's see. I tend to start out--when it is to someone with whom I am not having a formal correspondence--with "all my best." Eventually that goes to "With affection" and then "Love." If it's someone I become REAL friends with, it's "with love but no respect whatsoever." THAT is when you know we are true friends to the bitter end.

    Oh, dear. It would appear I have once again revealed that I am more than a bit SICK.

  11. I just wanted to say, in reference to your wonderful comment on my blog, that it saddens me to know that you, too, have need to speak to parts of the body for them to move. I don't much want anyone I meet to know how that feels.

    You have quite a few blogs! How on earth do you keep up with them? I have enough to do just the one, and to average one a week.

    But, then, I never say in one word what's possible to say in TWELVE, so that may have something to do with it.

    Sending you the warmest wishes, sir. And love, as a matter of fact. The kindness shown to me by people I know so little does more to ease the pain sometimes than anything I may get from the pharmacy.

  12. Sometimes an x can cover a multitude of possibilities!

  13. This post pointed out what I have been wondering for some time. Since I started blogging, I admired the posts and pictures of fellow bloggers but now consider them friends :)) No idea, how they feel of course ;) Cheers, Ruby

  14. Since English is not even my native language, I wonder even more sometimes, what may be the correct greeting to use. Sort of a relief to find that even you do!

    I think I'm very used to 'love' or even 'lots of love' from penfriend-ships in English started back in my teens and twenties. But then most of them were girls my own age. Then I studied businiess language and perhaps got a bit more formal with sincerely and best regards and so on.

    With some people I use greetings I never use with anyone else and sometimes even I can't say why!

    Btw - did you get my email with the address? Just wondering 'cos it seemed you didn't get the first one. So if you didn't get the second one either you'll still be wondering! ♥
    (and yes, graphic symbols can be used too - and the interpretation left open!)

  15. I've sent you an e-mail about the address, Monica.

  16. And I just sent a reply to your email. To both your addresses. If that doesn't work, I guess I shall have to send another postcard!!! :)

  17. I don't even sign them. I figure people I know recognize my address. :<)

  18. Lots of love back.

    Depending who it is I sometimes send Blessings.


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