Sunday, 26 February 2012

Partner-who-drinks-tea and what she has done...

Inspired by a wonderful post of Marcheline's I decided to mention some of the jobs (paid and unpaid) that Partner-who-drinks-tea has had over the years. I should perhaps point out that for the last fifteen years she has been in the one (well three simultaneous but I guess that counts as one) job and so she is not as apparently flaky or inconsistent as the posting might suggest... Oops, just realised that suggests Marcheline is flaky or inconsistent. Didn't mean it, honest!

Regional and National volleyball player.
They wore more clothes and didn't play on sand in those days but she still saw pink elephants occasionally.

A record breaking shorthand typist

A trainee court recorder
(They didn't use stenography like the States – they had to use shorthand).


Marketing and Sales Manager

(This illustration by Teemu Matinlauri, a Finnish graphic designer and illustrator.)
Including selling chainsaws and the country's first moving walkway (at Heathrow)



 Freelance Jill-of-all-trades

Helpline phone operator

Charity Fund-raiser

Charity Regional Co-ordinator

Self-employed businesswoman - selling crafts


University Lecturer

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Self-employed business owner and Counsellor Trainer

Wonderful wife and mother


  1. I think I'll have to do some research on past posts for more on Partner-who-drinks-tea because I've had a number of the same jobs. I've also worked on an asparagus farm.

  2. She sounds like one busy lady! I hope you have made her lots of cups of tea over the years!

  3. And what does PWDT do between 2am and 6am? Or is that none of my business?

  4. My Who Drinks Tea was a parts person in a Bus Building Factory, sending out Bus bumpers as big as she.
    For 16 or so years she has been a Teacher Aide to Austistics, Socially difficult, Special needs Children, Has studied many things including Behaviour Management yet is described by Government Case Manglers who had me assessed into brain injury oblivion not as my Supervisory Caregiver whom should be paid for such, but as "Oh She's just your wife"

  5. You do know that the 8th of March is International Women's Day, don't you? I wonder how you are going to top this post on that day :-)

  6. I always thought shorthand and stenography were different words for the same thing, although I know there are different systems used in different countries. Now you have to explain yourself! I learned Melin's stenography (or whatever) in Swedish, English, German. Used it in some of my first jobs in the late 70's/early 80's but not after. I think I can still do it in Swedish but more doubtful in the other languages.

  7. Monica, in the courts in the days when Jo trained, the recorders in the States used a small machine like a tall, thin typewriter that produced symbols (basically a shorthand typewriter) while in the UK the recorders used a shorthand notepad and pencil and wrote the symbols. These were then written out in full if needed. So whilst the outcome was the same - shorthand symbols - the means of achieving it was different.

    Librarian - Help - I shpould have kept this post for then...

    GB - watch films, drink wine, and, occasional;ly, sleep...

    Pondside - she lived on an asparagus farm (in a caravan) at one time but I don't think she ever worked on it.

    Dad - that is just typical. And so difficult and annoying for both of you.

  8. SS - you jogged my memory! I was also a collections-on-the-phone person for a short time, but found it so depressing (some of the people were so poor they didn't have a phone, so the system dialed up the neighbors and they had to go find the person who owed money for hospital bills) that I had to quit.

    Your PWDT sounds like a go-getter!

  9. Scriptor,
    You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger award on my post today.
    You may not "do" awards, I don't know...but if anyone deserves a versatile blogger award, it is you!

  10. Hi John,

    I think Jo needs to be awarded a holiday.

    I need to be awarded some sunshine up here on Lewis. You usually bring such lovely weather with you.

    Please, please, please both of you - come up and bring some sun.

    Love Pat x

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Pat, We'll be up - assuming GB is as ready as ever to offer his hospitality. Mustn't take him for granted. Well, I do but I mustn't do it publicly!

    Kay - thanks very much for the award.

  13. It should be she who responds to the question as to whether she is real but the answer, Barbara,is definitely 'Yes!'.


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