Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday My Town Shoot-out – Motion

I'm back - hopefully my postings for FMTSO will be a bit more reliable again.

This week's theme is Motion. I've interpreted 'my town' rather liberally and these were shot throughout England.

Fomula One - Nigel Mansell, Ferrari - Silverstone, 1990s.

Benetton (I think it's Thierry Boutsen driving) - Silverstone, 1990s.

Gigi Fernandez, Wimbledon semi-finals, 1995

Amateur show-jumper - Liverpool Show, 1960s

Bonfire Night, Liverpool, 1960s or early 70s.

Mersey Tunnel entrance early 1970s.

As you can see from the dates I've had to dig deep for these.  Hopefully next week's will be more local and more recent.  For more FMTSO bloggers please visit this link.


  1. Excellent examples of movement! Amazing really, that still photos can convey that so very well... Hope you are doing well!! :) Silke

  2. "Ferry Cross the Mersey"...those old songs just keep popping up in my head. Wish I could remember important things, rather than all the songs that I have heard in my life!

  3. Great pictures for movement - you have captured varied themes Cheers!

  4. I like the show-jump and the bonfire!

  5. I'm a complete newbie to this FMTSO thing. Did you take these photos yourself, or is it an exercise in finding photos around the web that fit a theme, and where does the "my town" come in?

    Please to 'splain!

    I'm with Dawn Treader on faves...

  6. Hello Marcheline, FMTSO is a group of bloggers who post their own photos from their own town to follow a particular theme each Friday. I dropped out when I was ill in November and am just getting my act together again. I've cheated and not used my town because Heswall / Pensby are so boring. Sometimes I use Liverpool and sometimes, since there are few (if any) other regular UK posters I use the Hebrides, Exeter or anywhere in the UK I happen to be (or have been).

    Ironically, I took a great motion picture on Sunday - a friend's dog wagging his head. Must blog it soon.

  7. Didn't see your link on the FSO site, John. I like the bonfire and the jumping horse!

  8. Oops, Pauline. It's so long since I did an FMTSO post that I forgot to link. I amended that now but a bit too late I suspect.

  9. Wonderful pictures, Scriptor. I certainly would have spotlighted them although it would have been tough choosing among the horse, the fire, and -- because I love fast cars -- the racers. I often suspect there are others who post but forget to link. I just don't have the time to seek them all out. Your work, as usual, is beautiful.


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