Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Dream

On Saturday GB took Jo and I to see The Dream - a 20 metre high statue that overlooks the M62 motorway in St Helens between Liverpool and Manchester.

Located on the old Sutton Manor colliery site the pre-cast concrete statue, designed by Jaum Plensa, portrays the image of a young girl's face with her eyes closed.

While we were on the footpath leading down from the statue we were treated to the sight of Kestrel hovering as it hunted for food. Another opportunity to test the new camera that GB has bought me for my birthday. It will be one well-used camera by the time my birthday actually arrives!

In the meantime Jo has inherited my previous camera and is getting to know it.

I can certainly recommend a trip to see The Dream if you are in the area - it is beautifully serene as well as being impressive.



  1. I think GB had mentioned some opposition to the dream being built. Any idea why?

  2. Yay for Jo. Hope she enjoys it as you have :)

  3. What a beautiful posting. I like to think the Dreamer dreams of peace.

    BTW, tell Jo it's good to see her in the photos, even if only in profile. They say every photo tells a story, and the story this one tells is lovely.

    All the best, Canadian Chickadee

    BTW,CJ, I've been meaning to ask: If I'm the Canadian Chickadee and my husband is the English Robin, does that make us bird brains?? :0)

  4. The main complaint, Shabby Girl, seems to be the cost. To quote one of its detractors - "It's a folly and a waste of money in an area that needs direct financial stimulus and public infrastructure." It cost £1.8 million. However, the cost of the sculpture was covered by arts organisations rather than directly by the taxpayer. There are also folk who say it just isn't attractive and appropriate to the area - they obviously have a different view to GB and I as to what is attractive!

  5. That kestrel flying away is great, clone out the wire and it's brilliant.
    Not sure I agree with these large artworks. Angel of the North, Wicker Man, I feel as if art is being thrust upon me. I go Wow! big intit.

  6. I agree with you and GB -- I think the dream statue is beautiful. Perhaps the detractors never heard the saying, "Man does not live by bread alone."
    The Canadian Chickadee

  7. Thank you for that interesting post. I had no idea that was there.

  8. A wonderful post! Thanks for introducing me to The Dream and a double thanks for the super Kestrel shots.


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