Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Odd Thumbs

I was born with strange thumbs. A trait inherited from my Mum, I can bend the top of my thumb right back. The joint of the distal and proximal phalanx is very flexible. At least that used to be the case until about six years ago when my right thumb stopped doing it. After a lengthy and unpleasant period of clicking in the joint it seized up and now has limited flexibility and is painful.

Now my left thumb is going the same way. I have managed to keep it free by lots of exercise but, whenever I sleep for an hour or two, it stiffens up and becomes very painful to move. The big question is do I persevere? Will it be any less painful than my right thumb if I keep the joint flexible or am I just prolonging the agony of the intervening period? Decisions, decisions....


  1. Hey...these could be my thumbs, minus the hair ;o). Seriously, my thumbs do the same thing!! Isn't that something? I never thought of it being odd from others thumbs though. I wonder how many other creative minds have these thumbs...hmmmm.

    Sorry to hear that they're giving you some pain. exercise their right to bend backwards...hmmmm.

    Smiles to you, my friend with similarly odd thumbs.


    {now I wonder who I inherited mine from...hmmmm}

  2. I hadn't realised that our family thumbs were particularly unusual. I couldn't post a photo in comments so I've blogged on Eagleton Notes at


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