Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Chestnut Centre

Helen and Ian are staying at The Willows with us at the moment and on Tuesday Ian drove us down to Derbyshire where we met up with Bryony and Mark at the Chestnut Centre. I am going to put some photos on my Pensby Blog but unlike Helen and Mark, who can content themselves with a couple of photos, I feel the need to show loads of photos so I've also added this webpage.

There are lots of photos on it so it may not load very quickly.


  1. Thanks, I really like your photos from Chestnut Centre, your nature photography is very interesting. Best wishes for 2009.

  2. I truly appreciate that you've shared so many photos, John. I emailed a link to some of my family members who will appreciate these as much as we do.

    The web does make the world smaller and it's such a priveledge to enjoy some of these places through friends like you, with an eye of appreciation so similar ;o). the way, I think I will post my thumb photo today...just for a giggle.

    Smiles ~ Heather

  3. Wonderful photography (as I expected it would be from you!). Looking at the Grey Owl comment suddenly made me wonder how cold it has to be for eyes to freeze? The coldest I've ever experienced outdoors was -26 (in Canada) and my eyes didn't freeze (obviously) but there must come a point. Must there not? The tree reminded me of Caspar David Friedrich's tree paintings.


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