Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday - Toddling Tenderly with Twinges

 (A scheduled post)

I'm still feeling very tired but at least there was a ray of sunshine yesterday.  Literally.  At around three in the afternoon the rain stopped for the first time (with one exception) in the last fourteen days. Son-who-watches-films and I headed out into the garden around five pm with water still dripping off the trees and mud underfoot to tackle part of the front hedge.  We got a bin full of cuttings and made the front garden seem a lot lighter and airier. Half an hour after we finished it was raining and I can still hear it beating on the windows as I write this in the middle of the night.  Will it never stop?

Here are some odds and ends I've come across on the web recently...


Poverty is the reality for most Indians.  This family live on the footpath in Ahmedabad.  Let us be thankful...

Galapagos Turtles

In June I mentioned the demise of George, the Galapagos Turtle.  On the good news front -

Phoenix Zoo welcomed the birth of a tiny (compared to his dad Ralph that is!) Galapagos Tortoise in late July. Proud parents Ralph and Mary have been at the zoo since before it even officially opened (50 years!). This is their 13th hatchling over their tenure at the zoo, and the first one for the pair since 2001.

Photos: Paula Swanson (via Zooborns)

The BookBook Wallet

 How's this?  Twelve South’s BookBook case is wonderful.  Something for GB perhaps?  It’s basically a leather iPhone case with a front cover flap that doubles as a wallet. And the whole thing is done (very convincingly I might add) in the style of an old book. The case is sturdy and well made, it’s easy to hold, and it’s small so it can fit into any pocket that you’d normally put your phone into. The phone’s entire front area is exposed so you can use it without having to take it out (and you get to have the fun experience of making people think you’re talking to a pocket sized edition of the collected works of let’s say Ruskin, which is just fantastic). There is an exposed section on the bottom that allows you to plug your phone in without having to take it out of the case. (“Why yes, I always plug my books into the electrical socket; I feel it invigorates them.”) The wallet section has four card pockets including a clear-front one for your ID.
 Please enjoy your day....

P.S.  Does anyone know why I can't get my fonts standard in my blogger postings?   No matter what I do they seem to end up all varied...


  1. Nice to have an evening shower for a nice cool sleep! Those are lovely snippets you got! The tortoise is obviously slow in breeding just as much as their 'walking' Nicely John!


  2. It does it to me from time to time.
    I press CTRL A when I've finished and then pick font and size.

  3. The BookBook wallet looks like a fun gadget - how many different book titles can one choose from, I wonder?

    1. I think they all say BookBook ! Boring!

  4. RE: fonts
    It's the wicked witch of the wifi that does it .... And with Halloween coming, it'll probably get worse. Heh, heh, heh.... :o)

  5. We have had rain the past two days, but a fortnight? yikes! I would probably be having a hard time crawling out of bed after that much rain, or maybe building a boat!
    I hesitate to say that your problem in Blogger hasn't visited me...Yet! knock on wood!
    That's a long time between babies! bless them
    Hope your weather brightens soon!

    1. I'm thinbking of building a boat for this week's visit down South!!

  6. Gorgeous turtle! Let me know if you decide to purchase a bookbook - I'm really quite taken with them, but would have to measure up for my android..

    1. All Twelve South's products are Apple related so I know it wouldn't fit mine - more's the pity.

  7. For once you've found some gadgets that don't do it for me - I'm not really into iPhone cases especially at $60! If I have inconsistent fonts or formatting I use the 'remove formatting' icon and reformat or do it in the HTML alternative window.

  8. The wallet looks fun and at least one won't have it snatched away because it is a phone! Have no answer to your font problem!

  9. There are cases available that cater to such preferences that keep the corners of the iPhone exposed. But before buying such a case you should ensure that the corners are not damaged in case the phone drops down.



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