Sunday, 21 October 2012

Odds and beginnings

Sheer greed…
We found a super café in Glastonbury called The Blue Note.   

 The cakes were so inviting we each had two – but don’t tell anyone. We both had Emily’s delightful cheesecake (so light and with a touch if amoretto in it) and I also had a super flapjack with fruit and ginger in it. I must get some crystallised ginger and make that.  I haven’t made flapjack in years.

 Swans on the Exe

Home-made Envelopes
Postcrossing has led to all sorts of interesting things and this week it brought some lovely home-made envelopes from Kim in The Netherlands along with a delightful letter and a picture of a Netherlands postwoman from1957..   

Some Doors (and Gates) for Meike
Everywhere we went down in the South West and the West Midlands we found beautiful doors and a gate that Helen wants.

In a Witchcraft Shop – Glastonbury


  1. Thank you, John! These are beautiful doors, and I feel very honoured that you dedicated this part of your post to me.
    I think you have not seen the latest set of Florentines yet which I posted on my blog specifically for you a while ago:

  2. It's a pleasure - I wasn't sure who to dedicate the witchcraft ones to! Marcheline perhaps??

    No I haven't seen the post yet - I shall go to your blog now. I've been catching up with family posts and am now hoping to catch up with friends.

  3. The swan closeups are wonderful!

  4. I thought flapjack was a kind of pancake... Looking it up in ever-obliging Wiki, I find that's in the US, while in Britain it's an oat bar. Looks yummy! I like those blue doors... and oh, you found a hobbit gate! :) The swans look so fluffy one might be tempted to pat them, but I wouldn't dare... I know swans can be rather aggressive!

    1. I knew I'd seen Helen's gate before - that's where - The Lord of the Rings!

  5. superb variety, SS!
    That gate is certainly unique, not very unique like idiot TV people use the word. Do I sound petty about our language? well, too bad I am so tired of the butchering by the ignorant or people who just don't have a love for the language.
    I loved the sign for children; I chuckled out loud!

  6. I love the round door! The notice about badly behaved children being made into pies was rather good too.

  7. I really loved the show on TV in England called "Six English Towns" and how Alec Clifton Taylor would discuss the architecture of everything that was filmed. He would sometimes just show doors of the buildings and I found it fascinating. I know this was on years ago, but hey, I'm old!

  8. I was looking for the "pancake" when you said "flapjacks"! I always thought flapjacks was an old western (US) I've learned something new! Love the Witchcraft store and all the notes. That would make me think twice!

  9. I think there must be a difference here. I'm in the Colonies and our flapjacks are actually pancakes, which some people call griddlecakes. I think the term goes back to WWII.

    Please inform the nice people in the shop that if they're hungry we have plenty of children here in the Colonies that qualify for pie filling. Just tons of 'em. So, if they're really interested I'll be happy to check into the import/export regulations and maybe we can get a little good will going between us.

    Have a nice day!

  10. The swans are incredibly beautiful...lovely close up shots.
    Would have loved to explore the witchcraft shop, and left a few ill-mannered children from these parts with them...
    Flapjacks and cheesecake,,now my sweet teeth have gone into overdrive..
    Loved the gates, especially the blue ones.


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