Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Oscar's Birthday

Yesterday was Oscar's birthday.....


  1. I suspect he won't get many cards.

  2. Well, hey, I just did one of those silly writing tests, and it said that I wrote like Oscar Wilde and Kurt Vonnegut...I'll take that!
    (I have nothing to declare but my genius.)

  3. I used to be more of a fan of Wilde than I am now - since reading his biography. His wife and oldest son suffered so much. But he was a one off, so creative, witty and original - and I am sure would have been a major TV personality these days. A man out of his time, indeed.

  4. Good one, GB. LOL

    And congrats to Kay G!

    It always seems so ironic that Wilde wrote books which are taught in schools, yet the fact that he spent time in gaol for being a homosexual is usually hushed up. What a strange world we live in!

  5. Poor Old Oscar; too smart, too clever, too misunderstood: simply too, too, too.


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