Friday, 12 October 2012

A Silver Wedding week…

We are home...

 There will be more about places we visited during our Silver Wedding week away in future posts but for the time being here is a taster…

Just arrived at Daughter-who-takes-photos and Friend-and-son-in-law-who-loves-otters.  (Who is that with a cup of tea in her hand already?)

 Always happy when out in the countryside.

 And always with a camera.

Our Silver Wedding meal - Create the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow.

The smooth piece of tiger iron was a gift from Partner-who-loves-tea to me, the candle holder was from Daughter-who-takes-photos and Friend-and-son-in-law-who-loves-otters, the dogs are Lady and Boy (about whom more in a future post), and the glass of prosecco was compliments of the landlord of the Portway Inn where were dining and stayed for two nights. 

We can thoroughly recommend the Portway Inn – a 16th century coaching inn near Staunton on Wye - in the beautiful Wye valley and only a few miles from Hay on Wye, bookshop capital of the world.

Outcast Books where the owner was retiring and had closed down the shop but kindly let us in. Jo bought about 30 books and I bought a mere four (how is that for self-control).  All together during the week I only bought ten books Jo bought about forty five!

The Portway Inn's welcoming porchway.

Steak and kidney pie for me…

Salmon in an oatmeal crust for P-w-l-t. 

I haven’t yet asked P-w-l-t’s permission to post this photo of her - I could be in trouble!  But since she’s still attractive after 25 years I'm not sure she can object.
 Jo's present - amber in silver.

 And a joint one - green calcite crystal.

Making tea on arrival – the most important job! 

 The view from our bedroom over the misty orchard.

A horse’s skull beneath the bar floor.

And the reason for it!  (Click on the picture to enlarge)

When we got home we were greeted not just by the usual postcards but also by a another silver wedding card or two and a present from Sweden.… And just in case I forget my place! 


  1. Good wishes are never too late, and you already had a very happy Silver Anniversary week, so I am certainly not out of time or place here in wishing the two of you all the best!
    Great pictures (who nobody has reason to object to), and the inn where you stayed looks really good. It is the first time I hear about skulls being used for resonance under a floor. So, as is so often the case, I have learned something new from your blog.
    Thank you!

  2. Congratulations to you both - lovely to see the pictures and the presents. Thank you so much for sharing it with us

  3. Well done. Glad you both stayed well and enjoyed the week.

  4. First, let me wish you a happy anniversary!! 25 years!! That is quite an accomplishment - and you two still look happy together, which is even better!

    I love all your photos - especially of the inn where you stayed - what a beautiful house. And then, of course, the food! Delicious!!

    Plus, I thought you both showed restraint at coming away with only 55 used books total. I'm not sure Daniel and I could have stopped there...

    Congrats again and welcome back home! Silke

  5. John and Jo,

    Congratulations and Best Wishes on your 25th Wedding Anniversary. May your next 25 years give you as many treasured moments as your gentle lovely week - and joy (with the lingering celebratory resonance of 24 horses!)

    Hugs, McGregor

  6. Congratulations and a very happy anniversary, how quickly 25 years can go.

  7. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary. Wish you all the best! From: Dewi, Gary, Leonalia, and Baby Hugo.

  8. How beautiful. Sounds as if you had a wonderful trip. Jo's new bracelet is gorgeous. And the Portway Inn looks like a terrific place to stay.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Congratulations. glad you enjoyed your trip. Checked out the Inn which looks very reasonably priced. Would need to be as I always spend too much money in Hay-on-Wye! Will look forward to more of the trip.

  10. I was so busy celebrating my 10th, I didn't even know you were having your 25th! How could I? Well, happy happy happy, and it looks like you had a wonderful time! I LOVE the green crystal... it looks like it could power a planet! Maybe you could hook it up to the car and not have to use petrol any more...
    Best to you both, congratulations with all my heart!

  11. Glad you enjoyed your week away! All my best wishes to you... And happy reading ;)

  12. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, and may you be blessed with many more to come.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip away, I would have too, but three folks would have been bothersome I'm sure!!!


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