Friday, 26 October 2012


  This scratching post may be a revolting colour but it's good fun.

I’m having trouble with my Internet access at this moment.  It’s unusual nowadays and may be caused by the new kitten, Ivy.  I’m only assuming that because everything else is either the fault of her or the plumber. 

 Who me?  Rubbish,you couldn't get a more innocent soul!

Among her major achievements are managing to use the printer to create blank photocopies at 2 in the morning and switch the bedroom TV on an hour later…  Stroking my head, licking my eyelids and patting my shoulder with her paw all have their cute side but it’s hard to see it at four a.m..  The net curtains falling down was allegedly not her fault – Jo saw it happen and she wasn’t in the room – but I reckon the strain she had put on it on other occasions was probably a contributory factor.  Papers spread all over the study and the floor of the conservatory were undoubtedly her contribution to sorting our paperwork while eating the corner of a postcard was not helpful to my postcrossing.  

 I'm really a Black Bear in disguise.

The floor of the kitchen and hall being covered in cat litter gravel was not definitely her fault but Son-who-watches-films denies it was he who chewed through the bag.  It was quite amusing in its own way.  The bag kept getting lighter as I carried it but it took me six feet of travelling before I was bright enough to realise why and see my trousers and feet turn white like the floor.  Having abandoned the packet and my shoes and socks and gone upstairs to change my trousers I was bemused to find trails of gravel on the stairs as I walked back down.  It took me a minute to realise that I’d obviously had gravel in the trouser turn-ups as I went upstairs.   Ho, ho, very amusing…

 It's all lies - don't believe him!

However, I paid her back by taking her for her first injection and examination by the vet.  Cruel, aren’t I.

 Still enjoying the scratching post

 It's such tiring work keeping these humans entertained all the time.

As for the plumber I blame him for the flooded downstairs toilet (after he’d worked on the tap) whilst Partner-who-loves-tea generously blames the old plumbing.  We have one of those houses where the plastering was done by a plumber, the electrics by the plasterer and the plumbing by a drunken roofer.  But I'm still blaming the kitten for most things...

 You're posting me to Long Island - where's that??


  1. Very funny! Loved it. Well, they say pet ownership is good for one's health. I know it certainly keeps one entertained, as well as exercised! (Sweep, mop, clean, vacuum, etc.)

    Not to mention broke, what with replacement bags of kitty litter and vet bills...ah well, I love my little dog and wouldn't change her for the world, in spite of it all. And I imagine you feel the same way about your cat!

  2. By the way, I've been meaning to ask: Is the cat named Ivy because she climbs? Or is it a reference to the old rock song, "Poison Ivy?"

  3. You had me chuckling OUT LOUD at the blames you laid on Ivy's tiny shoulders! I've done the same thing with Ting Ting. She WAS the one who was kicking out the litter still in the product's box. So now I put TIDY CAT in Ting and Jax's litter box because the container has a lid.
    Please notice I'd had to initiate a new blog, thus my new name. Hope you'll visit me!

  4. That's why you got a kitten! Someone to blame or was it because you were running out of things about which to blog (as if!). Now I know I'm definitely happy living on my own!

  5. Yes, please!!! But do use a bigger box. 8-)

  6. Those eyes are so pretty - you'll forgive her just about anything.

  7. How can you blame something such wide blue eyes! That one of her asleep in the basket is...well can't think of a word that hasn't already been used a thousand times to describe such sweetness.

  8. Well! I enjoyed this....I wonder if two kittens are twice the fun.

  9. Ho ho indeed! John, I'm sitting here at my computer desk, laughing out loud and going "aaaaw!!!" in turns at your descriptions of the goings-on and the pictures of little Ivy!
    Nice to see your son is smiling this time. Last time you showed a picture of him with the kitten, he looked way too serious.

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos and antics of your Ivy. Anyone without a sense of humor and irony should not have cats. They are great for blaming things on though. Well, and the plumber too.

  11. Maybe I missed it, but will Ivy retain her blue eyes? I don't think I've ever seen a cat with blue eyes.
    PS...of course she is adorable, but you already knew that.

    1. Much of the blue has diminished but I think she'll retain some of it.

  12. You made my morning.... adorable mischief.
    GB you might miss the chaos, but you also miss the love - I guess it is one thing that would make it hard for me to have two homes - I couldn't leave the pets.

  13. It's good to have someone to blame, isn't it?! ;) She looks so innocent in some pictures - and so mischievous in others...

  14. Aawwwww what a cutie pie...Miss Ivy ruling the household already I see.
    Loved all the photos, but especially the one with her perched atop the scratching post.
    I see she's got you wrapped around her little paws already CJ...enjoy daddydom.
    You need to add her photo to the list of characters who appear regularly..

    1. Good point, Virginia. I shall do that a.s.a.p.


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