Friday, 18 November 2011

A Ramble - or maybe a Rumble...

I would have done a Friday My Town Shoot-out post today but for two reasons – Firstly, I’m on strike, and secondly I couldn’t think of anything symmetrical apart from the doors of the Fire Brigade house and I ain’t up to travelling into Heswall today. So I’m doing this as a scheduled post on Thursday.

It’s been a week of sitting at the computer and going up the loft ladder. Alternately. I’ve visited lots of blogs and done some blogging myself but most of my computer time has been spent uploading programs to the new laptop of Partner-who-loves-tea. Nearly a week was spent trying to sort out why it couldn’t connect to the Internet first time of starting. In the process of working on it I managed to make it even worse at one stage and am pleased to have at least got it back to where it was. It’s frustrating having to start it twice but at least it always works second time around. Weird.

Going up the loft came to an abrupt end on Wednesday when I was foolish enough to open the door of the sideboard cupboard. Yes, you did read that correctly. I was looking to insert a new battery in a lock so I turned round to open the door of the sideboard cupboard where the batteries are kept. In the process I went dizzzzy. I know there aren’t really four ‘z’s in dizzy but it seemed like there were at the time. Somehow I managed to fall over, bang my knee (the bad one, of course) bang my head on something very hard – I’m assuming it was the sideboard – twist my left knee and put my back out. I already had a headache so I thought ‘B*****r it’ and went to bed for the rest of the day. For those whose first reaction was the same as Partner-who-loves-tea – the sideboard was not damaged in the process. In fairness she didn’t say anything like that but she did take a quick glance at it as I was telling the story.

The boxes that were on the landing waiting to go in the loft will now stay there for a while (it takes both Rich and I to get them in there so I can’t even rely on him to do it on his own). And the loft was so near being completed. I had even taken the camera upstairs ready to photograph it. Not that you could tell much difference but at least I now have a twenty page Word Doc. listing where everything is in there.

So, on Thursday morning, aching like I hadn’t done since I last climbed a Lakeland Fell, I decided it was time to have a few days off. I am, after all, supposed to be retired on ill health grounds so it’s about time I put my feet up and read a book or two. Madame Bovary, here I come…


  1. Oh dear! Frustration abounds! Hope peace will return again and all will be well. Breathe and recuperate...there, my free medical advice for you. Wise people listen to me, you know.

  2. I totally saw your fall through words and my imagination. OUCH!! And, I have no idea what your ouch word is...I tried guessing for a second, but that went from my mind quickly when I thought of the pain you must have been in.

    Goodness gracious, you must be careful. I get dizzy VERY easily, just a quick turnabout throws me off into a roundybout of mind.

    Hope you feel better, heal quickly and enjoy your book in the process :)

  3. It sounds as if you deserve a few days on the sick.
    There must be a lesson here. The only one that springs to mind is; electricity is dangerous.
    Have a speedy recovery.

  4. Ouch!!! What a stunt! I hope your knee, head and back are much better soon. Can't have you be on strike when we rely on you for our daily reading material!

  5. Sorry to hear about the knees, back and head. Ouch.

    Hope you get lots of rest and read lots of books to take your mind off the pain, xxx

  6. Madame Bovary and a cup of tea...goood choice.


  7. Thanks for the sympathy, everyone. Feeling a lot better this morning. As for the word I used when I fell over - it wasn't printable, Heather. I envy the man who has the presence of mind to curse by saying "Oh dear, an inordinate injury incurred through an inanimate object!"

  8. Hope you are fully recovered by now and getting the loft finished and photographed.
    Love the phrase "went dizzy." It reminds me of "went missing" both of which are descriptive but unfamiliar to me. I would say, "felt dizzy" or "became dizzy. I enjoy the differences between British and American phraseology.

  9. Oh no, take care of yourself. You definitely deserve to be on strike today and to stay quiet and warm until all the aches and pains have abated.

    Hope you have a quiet, pleasant weekend.

    Hugs, Carol

  10. Hope you are feeling better. Why don't you schedule some relaxation time on a regular basis? I find that I'm more likely to have accidents when I don't take breaks-just put your feet up whenever you feel like it. Isn't that one of the joys of retirement?


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