Tuesday, 8 November 2011

At Barravullin in Northern Argyll

Large-flowered Hemp-nettle

And one for Adrian...


  1. That last creature had to be the cutest of all!

  2. All beautiful photos but to open and close with two of my favorite creatures! That robin fluffed up to the size of a tennis ball and the Westie, standing so proudly, I adore them both!

  3. And I'm glad your chief occupation is blogging. I love your pictures.

  4. Beautiful close up photos. And Adrian is so cute! ^_^

  5. Scriptor,
    From your post for yesterday, I am
    sorry for the flippant comment that I left about the goldfish causing the fire...I somehow didn't read the part where the firemen were taken to hospital with breathing problems. Chemicals are so dangerous in a fire, no matter what causes the fire!
    Once again, sorry, I truly don't know how I missed that...

  6. What great photos. Of course I like the one of the robin bes! :0)

  7. Kay - whilst I appreciate the reason for the apology I bet all those who ended up in hospital (briefly) have lived on the story ever since and all had a good laugh about it.

  8. Oh, I am sure they all laughed about it with typical British humour. (Notice I used the "u"!)
    Nevertheless, my apology stands!

  9. Thanks John......I'd like to forget Westies after yesterday.


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