Friday, 4 November 2011

A Sentimental Journey

Jo and I went to a funeral yesterday. Some thoughts on the subject...

She and her husband made their home ever-welcoming to everyone.

She and I shared a love of cosy crime novels.

She was deeply religious but never threw it in your face – she acted out her Christianity through her way of living.

Her scones were ever-present and ever-delightful.

The cosy appearance of her little body hid a lively and intelligent mind.

She loved her husband and sons and they in turn loved her which gave their house a lovely homely atmosphere.

There was always a tin of Kit-kats on her shelf waiting for a visitor.

She lost her Mum at the age of 17 and her second child, Ian, died in infancy. Neither of these events were known to most people – she never advertised her hardships but they undoubtedly helped to shape her caring personality.

When our son David died she was most helpful and supportive – quietly showing how people can survive the death of their infant and go on to live a normal life.

She wasn’t famous and there won’t be any obituaries in 'The Times' but when they dust her photo her sons, Les and Paul, will always have loving, caring thoughts of her - as will Jo and I when we think of her.

She made the best cheese and onion pie in the world.

Farewell Olive.

Olive Richardson 1922-2011.


  1. A full innings and a fulsome epitaph.

  2. This is beautiful. What a nice tribute to a wonderful friend, and what a wonder it is that her passing is now known and felt around the world.


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