Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Alphabet Wednesday - Letter Q

Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away.

This anonymous Quotation starts off my letter Q.

There’ll be nothing about Quantum mechanics or Quarrelling on this blog posting. And hopefully it won’t leave you with any Questions and you won’t Quite Quit before the end..

Being a moth enthusiast I’ll use a moth for my first Q – a Common Quaker.

And a Powdered Quaker.

This is a Quail.

And this Q is a Quartz crystal.

And a pendant of rose Quartz.

Q is for Quarry – this is a slate Quarry in the Lake District.

The Scottish mountain Quinag across the Minch from the Isle of Lewis.

Queenswood Country Park is the only designated Country Park in Herefordshire.

This is a Queen Elizabeth Rose.

And another.

My last Q is a Queen of Bavaria Conure.

For a lot more interpretations of the letter Q please visit the ABC linksite.


  1. What a great collection of Qs :) I like the moths - I have a thing for moths in general, they are absolutely underrated. During the summer we were visited by a Large Yellow Underwing - after throwing it out of the house two times, I marked it with a tiny spot of food colouring and the same moth came back another five times...

  2. Your post was great, except for that aforementioned lack of quantum physics. Rats!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I think you win the prize for the most Q words in a post.
    Love your pictures too. Beautiful roses.

  4. I don't know much about moths as (I think) they fly mostly at night. Maybe I ought to look into that more closely. I never even thought of the word quartz. This was a fun post.

  5. Incredible array of Q photos. Who knew that moths could have such colorful names?


    ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Terrific selection of Q's. Love the quarry and the quartz crystals.

  7. Wonderful Q's - love the little plump quail and the shine of the quarry.

  8. I just love those Queen Elizabeth rose!

  9. I'd struggle to come up with even one Q, except perhaps a quarry, and then it wouldn't be near as pretty as yours!

  10. As usual, a lovely quollection of pictures - thank you!
    By the way, I am somewhat disappointed because of the lack of quantum mechanics in your post.

  11. Your photos are a great! I enjoyed seeing them. You used all your Q's though. Do you have some left for the next round? ;) thank you for doing the quiz! Tomorrow I'll post the answers.

  12. Wonder why they're quaker moths...perhaps for their dull livery.


  13. Quite a lot of quantum jumps from the Common Quaker to the Queen of Bavaria!

  14. What a varied selection of Q's and pictures - I especially like the moth and Scottish mountain pics - interesting blog - Jane

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  17. Wow, you've got beautiful Qs!

    Find out what Quiet is for my kids.

  18. What a nice variety of Qs and Q pictures. I love those Queen Roses, they are beautiful.

  19. What a great collection of Q words and photographs. You can actually see the rainbow colors in the quartz photo.

  20. Loved this series - bot oh isn't the Queen of Bavaria Conure pretty...

  21. I still find myself left with Questions. Like why are they called Quaker moths? And when a Quaker moth and a human run across each other, who quivers the most? (I also still wonder why I get a more quivery feeling down my spine with moths than with butterflies...) You certainly came up with an impressive collection of Q's. I had such a hard time finding any that I had to escape to a parallel world...

  22. Lots of delightful Qs from you. I like the moths, particularly. It takes me a very long time to identify a moth but they are fascinating beasties.


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