Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Should I be pleased?

A couple of years ago the end post of the fence between us and the doctors’ surgery next door kept getting hit by cars (none of whom ever bothered to tell us). It was made of concrete and in the end it became unsafe. We decided to replace it with a wooden post on the basis it would be cheaper and easier to replace again in the future. A good job because it’s been demolished by a car again today.

Needless to say the car driver didn’t bother to come and tell us and take the blame (and cost of replacement). (Bearing in mind they left the post and its adjacent panel hanging at an angle across our drive so if Jo had arrived home in the dark she might easily have driven into it.)

Should I be pleased therefore that I have now in my possession a number of large shards of car bumper from a green car? I have to admit I am. If they had had the decency to report it I would have been delighted if they had not damaged their car. As it is I’m made up that they are going to have the trouble and expense of replacing a bumper!

Turn the other cheek – not me, today, I’m afraid.


  1. John get the surgery to pay or bury a length of RSJ. You will get a car or two then.

  2. Oh John, you have our sympathy! Many years ago, Rob built a lovely brick wall in front of our house. People have backed into it, hit it head on, and knocked over the brick posts which were four bricks square on the base. The guy who zoomed through our drive and delivered our morning paper hit it not once but twice! But at least he had the decency to come back later in the day and 'fess up.
    If we lived on the corner I could understand the problems -- but we live in the middle of the block! Hard not to indulge in a little delicate Schadenfreude at times like these. xox Carol & Rob

  3. I really really detest people who are that inconsiderate. Schadenfreude. Definitely.


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