Saturday, 24 April 2010

How are you doing?

I was supposed to see my surgeon on Thursday for a review – it’s now six weeks since I came out of hospital. Unfortunately he was stuck in Turkey because of the ash cloud. I've now had three continuous days of really long walks in the sunshine – not particularly fast and I have to sit down every so often but there’s no doubt I’m a lot fitter than when I went in for the by-pass. After months of going dead slow and stop because of angina it’s great to be able to wander around at will. There are a few scars still to heal, one or two minor complications and a few weeks to go before I can lift heavy stuff or do the Twist but I’m delighted at how quickly I’ve recovered. A triple by-pass is not pleasant but anyone suffering from angina who gets told a by-pass will cure it should take the chance – it’s a whole new lease of life.

And can I take this opportunity to say thanks again for all your good wishes. Hopefully you'll hear no more about it...


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you're recovering and feeling better. Great time of the year to really enjoy it, too. Don't overexert yourself! ;)

  2. Hopefully you'll be doing the twist and tell us all about. Good to hear the positive report.

  3. I'm very glad all is going to plan. it would have been a right bugger to go through all that hell for nothing.
    Keep going, all the best.

  4. I would think you doing the twist is worthy of a video clip. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  5. Great to hear that you're out and about! Keep up the good work. And now that spring is finally here, hopefully that will make you feel better too.
    Take care and God bless, Carol & Rob

  6. Well Hello!

    How lovely to hear that you are making such good progress - I do so hope that you will be up here in the summer. You bring such good weather!

    I collected your big brother this afternoon - he looks very well but was not amused with the temperature at Stornoway airport - 11c positively tropical for us - not if you have just come from N.Z. though!

    Hope to see you soon.

    Much love x

  7. You are an inspiration! Good on ya!

  8. I'm so pleased to learn that you are finally feeling the benefit from the bypasses. It is one heck of a "whallop" to the body, but the results are so worthwhile. It just takes a wee while to get there .......

    My Mum's "double" 8 years ago has made an ongoing huge difference for her. Well, in some ways ......Mum is still an obsessed patchwork quilter, and dear Dad still does the more complicated quilty maths for her. And the ends of cotton and stray pins still track their way through the house!!

    Photography seems a far safer option, sending care and huggles to you all (especially to Meek),

    Michelle and a snoring Zebbycat

  9. Pleased to hear that you are on the mend :)
    On another note I see that you were/are a fan of Brian Aldiss... I am his son, and along with my brother and sisters we are compiling a tribute for his 85th birthday this year.
    I am wondering whether you'd feel like contributing a few words... maybe about how you felt about reading Non-Stop?
    Please forgive the intrusion if this is not appropriate, however if you do feel inclined (and are on Facebook) please contribute to the group we have set up.
    Thanks again. Best regards. Tim Aldiss

  10. hanks Tim but it is so long since I read any of your Dad'sbooks that it would be hard to do a review. all I am left with is an overall impression of liking his work. Perhaps I should grab one at the library and re-read one.


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