Monday, 5 April 2010

Bye, bye Rafa?

Is this the moment when Rafael Benitez lost any chance of continuing as Liverpool manager? This is what the Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard thought of Bentiez's latest decision.

Benítez was a high-achiever in his first season as manager in 2004/5, guiding Liverpool to victory in the UEFA Champions League, the highest honour in European club football. In the following three seasons Liverpool won the FA Cup, amongst other honours, and reached the 2007 Champions League Final, but have remained unable to win the Premier League. Liverpool's best performance under Benitez was a second place finish in 2008-09.

In order to play in next year's Champions League Liverpool need to finish fourth in the Premiership. They are far off that at the moment. Notwithstanding this Benitez took off Liverpool's key striker, Fernando Torres, in the second half of their game against Birmingham on Sunday. David Ngog, the sunbstitute striker, missed about five sitting opportunities that would have gained Liverpool an extra two points.  Many, including Gerrard, are scratching their heads about Bentitez's decision making.    How much longer can he last as manager?


  1. John, if only it were a game.
    How are Everton and ManU doing?

  2. Presumably not very long!

  3. Everton, Man U. Who are they??? If you think I'm going admit thet Man Utd are leading the table you've got another think coming...


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