Saturday, 10 April 2010

40 Things that make me Happy

Spring lambs
My Family
Memories of college
Sesame sticks
Welsh dragons
New books
Old books
Coconut rings
Turtles (but not in soup!!)
Tomatoes ( “ “ )
Birds’ nests ( “ “ )
Wearing a crisply ironed shirt
Sandalwood incense
Rose perfume
Chocolate covered raisins
Old bridges
Air conditioning (why is the UK so far behind?)
Roasted salted cashew nuts
The Grand National steeplechase
1960s Pop songs
My Sony camera
Words of comfort for the grieving
My Samsung touch-screen phone
Wensleydale Cheese with cranberries
Christmas cake (especially with cheese to accompany it)
Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels
Classic FM radio
Radio controlled clocks
Mushrooms (both to eat and to photograph)
Sharp scissors
The Oxford Companion to English Literature
The sound of birds at dawn
Fountain pens
Rushing rivers

I hope some of the things that make you happy come along this weekend..


  1. Quite a list. Makes me wonder if it's perhaps sort of easier to come up with 40 things rather than 3 or 5. (I know I've sometimes got stuck on lists like that when they've come as conditions for some blog award or other...)

  2. I like this....a good idea and it welcomed my sense of serenity :) I shall post my 40 as well, maybe later in this day.

    Ummmm...everything on your list was something that I can create a picture with in my mind - except for Satsumas. I have no clue as to what this is...maybe you have a post idea?

  3. A very nice list. I'll have to look up satsumas, though. I enjoyed your photos today too, especially the second one. Looks so refreshing!

  4. John, a good post, wish I were so honest.
    Hope you are OK. Leave the confessional till it matters. I am a cripple and it's taken years. Just laugh at life......Every day. Good luck.

  5. Where's that lass of yours when I need frogs separating from toads

  6. What a delightful list! The only thing I might substitute is dogs (furry kind not frankfurters)to replace the marmite!!
    Take care and God bless,
    Canadian Chickadee

  7. That's am interesting list - wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands! Was tickled to see sharp scissors - I thought I was the only one who cared whether their scissors are sharp.

  8. What a wonderful way to express your thoughts.
    Rose perfume jumped out at me, because that is the only kind I wear. I also like rushing rivers...when I need a serene thought, that's what I try to recreate...the sound of rushing water. I also buy a home fragrance oil called Satsuma that is my absolute favorite. Sara first bought it for me years ago with a little tea-light burner. I keep it on my stove and there is nothing like it!

  9. I have to agree with air conditioning. One problem with having recently moved office is that I've gone from a large room with air conditioning that could induce frost to a small office with no air conditioning and windows that don't open very far. So instead of frost we get steam. I'm praying for a cool summer!

  10. Interesting list. Glad to see Marmite is on it! No, Pauline, you are not the only one who cares about sharp scissors! They are very hight on my list.


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