Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool's Day

Poisson d'Avril (literally April Fish) is the French for April Fool.

This poster points out that if we carry on being fools then by 2050 our poullution and intensive fishing  will havbe killed off all the fish. Nice one.

(Thanks Lilas Conuts)


  1. You're welcome, it was originaly green but I changed the color to suit my blog. I could find the green one if you'd rather ?

  2. John odd for a French ecological poster, it's written in French, surely it doesn't apply to Le Chalutier Francais.
    * Hope that's le bon mot.

  3. C'est manifique!
    Sort of reminds me of the things David Suzuki said in his autobiography about pollution and how humans -- who can be so intelligent sometimes -- can be in such denial about other things.
    Anyway, another thought-provoking post. Good job!
    Take care, Canadian Chickadee

  4. If we carry on the way we are going then I suspect the fishes have a better chance of survival than does the human race.

    Hopefully I won't be around then to see if I'm correct.


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