Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Black and White Tuesday – Odds and Ends

A few of Dad’s photos.

Dad took this photo of the R100 airship as it flew over the Mersey docks in 1928. It’s a better shot than the Pathe News got!!  (Thanks to Adrian for cleaning it up for me.

The R100 was an airship which was produced by private enterprise under Sir Barnes Wallace, on time and under budget and which completed its maiden flight without a hitch. It had a good promoter in the form of one of its designers, the author Nevil Shute. The R101 - built by the state to prove the state could do things better - crashed.) The R100 was crushed by tractors on the order of the government following the R101 disaster but, ignporing the politics, it is doubtful if it was ever really a viable enterprise.

This is the Empress of Japan, with attendant tugs, docked in Liverpool – probably around 1928.


  1. Another wonderful post from the past.

  2. Cracking photo's. My father would have adored these....!


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