Thursday, 18 February 2010


Liverpool still has a few Superlambananas about. This one is in Queens Square.

This is the only Superlambanana in captivity. In 2008 it escaped from its cage and the City Council issued fliers to encourage people to write on their blog with sightings. (At that time it was simply yellow and not tiger coloured).


  1. What a great idea...our town doesn't have the encouragement of blogging like that. How neat!!

  2. The Tiger is the mascot for Auburn University here in Alabama, hence the various athletic teams are called the "Auburn Tigers". Several years back, as a City of Auburn promotional, local artists and civic groups were asked to paint and decorate 12 ft. long and 4 ft. high casts tigers, which, now decorated, are displayed across the city at various locations, eg. in front the fire-station and the Parks & Rec. building, the library, and elsewhere throughout the downtown.

    In a quick Google search, I tried to locate a site where you could view some of these strange cats, but I couldn't.

  3. Me thinks you should include superlambanana in your Words-blog!
    Well, now of course I have already googled it and increased my knowledge; but my first reaction to this post was - A WHAT?! :D


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