Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A day in the sun

Last Friday was a lovely sunny day and I wandered into Heswall and did some shopping. One shop that has closed down is the florists on Telegraph Road. Whoever leases the shop in the future will have the benefit of this lovely side gate.

Enjoying the weather I had a walk on Heswall Beacons.

There is a saying that when the gorse is not flowering kissing is out of season - hopefully one can find it at all times of the year.

This is the lovely sounding Piptoporus betulinus.

Then I ambled down to Gayton windmill which can only really be photographed at this time of year as once the leaves are on the trees they obscure it.

I got the bus back to Heswall and went to Linghams for coffee. As you can see by the bill they know me in there now! I didn’t have to say ‘extra sugar’ please, the waitress said it for me!

On Friday night I won on the Euromillions lottery for the first time. I received a whole £7.20 – along with 1,902,862 other people!


  1. That is exciting!!!! WaHoooo! LOL hopefully next time you will be the ONLY winner and take home ALL OF IT! Lovely walk today! It looks heavenly outside!

  2. John, a lottery win WOW! That gate I like. Is it hand forged? You can tell by looking at the ends of the scrolls, they should taper laterally plus there should be no visible welds. White forging I think it was called. Either way it's good and should the shop be taken by Oxfam buy it for a fiver.

  3. I'll do a couple of close ups in a day or so and you can see, Adrian.

  4. Hello
    just wanted to say thanks for your kind words. I do like my job, in spite of the criticism that come our way, and in spite of what people say about the digital age taking over I think the postal service has got a good life ahead of it.
    much love

  5. Oh my, what a lovely walk. So much to see and investigate and think about just walking a short distance.

  6. I missed you by 24 hours. I was in a misty Heswall on Thursday morning.

  7. Thanks for bringing us along on your walk. Enjoyed it extremely. And thanks for picking up the tab.

  8. That's a beautiful gate.
    Actual flowers? I feel like I've forgotten what they look like, outdoors. We're still under a heavy layer of snow here...


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