Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Black and White Tuesday

Following a suggestion from Adrian I am going to show a black and white photo (or two, or three, or four...) each Tuesday. Initially I shall pick from Mum and Dad’s wonderful selection of photos. Not just the ones they took but also some family ones from earlier days. Later I shall pick some of my own early photos which were also black and white and then, perhaps, simply convert some colour ones.

However, I’m starting with a couple that weren’t taken by the family but which were published on postcards. They celebrate the crowning of the Mid-summer Queen at Childwall Church, Liverpool, in 1928. At that time Mum was eighteen and presumably she would have known some of the little girls involved, especially as Mum was in the Girl Guides and had responsibility for some of the brownies. I can't think why else she would have put them in her photo album.

Originally formed in 1914 the Brownies were initially called Rosebuds, but were renamed by Lord Baden-Powell after the girls had complained that they didn't like their name. Their name comes from the story "The Brownies" by Juliana Horatia Ewing, written in 1870. In the story two children, Tommy and Betty, learn that children can be helpful Brownies or lazy boggarts.


  1. Wow, John- these old photos are great! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cache. As for exercise, I know I should do more of it but I am just so lazy sometimes!

  2. Glad you managed this John they have magic, just hope he got them the right side up on the printer! Flipping Heck!

  3. I was interested to read how the Brownies got their name. In those days little girls did look like rosebuds. Now they look like mini WAGS.

  4. so sweet! but I think I prefer rose buds, as the little ones will one day bloom into beautiful flowers! Love the photos!


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