Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Black and White Tuesday - Sports

Today’s Black and White Tuesday Theme is a Sporty one....

Dad posing for cricket but dressed for football! I would guess it is about 1919 as he looks about 12.

Mum (left) playing rounders at Calder c 1924. I’m sure Those gymslips are shorter than the regulation length! They were supposed to touch the ground when you kneeled down with your back up straight!

Calder High School, Liverpool – Upper Va Netball team in 1924. Mum is front right. I like this photo because they look like prime candidates for St Trinians!

Anyone for tennis? Mum and a friend in Calderstones Park, Liverpool, c 1926.

Mum’s office (the Insurance Committee – forerunner of the Family Practitioners’ Committee) tennis tournament – c 1928. Mum is front left.

Mum’s friend Phyllis Hales at an open air baths – possibly New Brighton – c 1928.

I have always thought you had to be a bit mad to be a goalkeeper. Perhaps, since he was my Dad I should use the word eccentric instead! The Furness Withy Shipping League 1931.

And Dad won medals for cycling. 

And tug-of-war was a popular pastime on office outings.  Lilleshall, 1931 - Mum's offce.

And does a sack race at the same outing count as a sport?

The 1932 office day out at Rhyl saw everyone playing bowls.


  1. What wonderful photos SS! They look happy! Socially involved, and having a good time playing sports!
    Such a different time back then. I enjoy thinking about what it must have been like for them.
    I have pictures from back then as well, but nobody looks happy the way they do in yours.

  2. Really good John, nostalgia definitely but they also have another quality, be blowed if I can put my finger on it.

  3. At some stage, Shabby Girl, I must put on a few of our Victorian ones. Now if you want miserable they are unbeatable. The excuse was that because of slow shutter speeds it was easier to hold a frown than a smile but I'm sure that was only an excuse.

  4. Love these old sepia photographs. How nice you still have such a collection. Your Mum looks a true blue stocking!

    Love Granny

  5. It's amazing how much exercise they were involved with - especially as social events related to work. Unheard of these days! and they continued walking in their later years. It's an inspiration.

  6. Fun set of pictures. Good idea to make a choice from a theme.

  7. What fun old pics. I love seeing them.


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