Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Black and White Tuesday – Sandbach, Cheshire

I’ve shown this photo before but it was Uncle Eric’s copy and was not so good. I have cleaned Mum's print of it up a bit and can now tell that it is Sandbach Crosses, Cheshire. Taken about 1928 – Mum and Eric would probably have cycled there.

They are two 9th century stone crosses, decorated on all faces with carved figures, animals and vine scrolls. The taller cross shows biblical scenes and has a mutiliated head. The shorter cross has a truncated shaft with the mutilated head of another cross. They were taken from their original site and broken up. The fragments were eventually restored to their present site in 1816. The style and themes of the sculpture indicate contact with the wider Anglo-Saxon world, suggesting Sandbach was a significant centre of pre-Viking sculpture in the 9th century.

Sadly, I cannot look at this photo without thinking about a friend who lives just down the road from these. She is very ill at the moment. Your prayers and thoughts for her would be welcomed.


  1. Of course you may count on our prayers. I do hope she will be all right.
    Take care and God bless,
    Love, Carol & Rob

  2. thanks again John, I can't get enough of these.

  3. thoughts from us up here John. To you also x

  4. Your collection of old photographs is fascinating! Keep them coming! And, yes, prayers, of course.


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