Thursday, 29 May 2008

Typing errors

Some words prove difficult to spell. A few of these may be common to a number of people - I know, for example, a few people who have had difficulty with ‘yatch’ - oops ‘yacht’ - over the years. Some are more peculiar to the individual. In work, Shelah was forever correcting my misspelling of ‘accomodation’ - oops ‘acommodation‘, err, ‘accommodation‘…
But what about all those other words that you know well enough how to spell but which so often come out wrongly when typed. It may be as simple a word as ‘the’ which comes out as ‘teh’ in one of my friends emails.
The ones which I find I have most commonly mis-typed include starnge (strange); Briatin (Britain); dwan (dawn); toher (other); ben (been); itslef (itself); trun (turn); and no doubt many more….

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