Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Shopping lists

Are you a shopping list person? If so, and you are like me, sometimes you’ll get to the shops and find you have forgotten the shopping list. But even more infuriating is going round the supermarket and checking the list - ensuring, quite carefully, that you have got everything - only to get home and find there was something you missed. As I said to GB the other day - “It isn’t a proper shopping list if you don’t forget something on it !”
Often when I am creating a blog posting I will put the subject on Google to see what other people have said. I put in ‘grocery list’ - the American equivalent of our shopping list (not sure why because not all the items are groceries) - and discovered there is a website on which can be found abandoned grocery lists “Why? Other peoples' grocery lists are fascinating. Plus, the internet is a great place to do stupid interesting things. So far 1,800 funny, crazy, weird, sad and/or mundane discarded scraps of paper have been posted.”
And if you have looked closely at the example above I should point out it isn't my list and I don't know what gooey butter is!
And I thought I was weird.

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