Monday, 26 May 2008

More about noises

On the subject of noises again, GB’s house has a greater variety of gadget noises than anywhere I’ve ever been. Apart from the occasional bleep, blurp, ding, clunk and whirr from the computer and the click of the mouse, there are the alarms on the bread machine, the washing machine, the microwave, the iron, and presumably the smoke alarms though the latter have remained silent to date. There are enough phone and mobile phone ringing and alarm tones to alert a whole fire station. The safe beeps, the iPAQ beeps and all the cameras beep.
There isn’t a doorbell - being the Outer Hebrides you just open the front door and shout that you’re here! But you could pick up and dingle the little brass bell on the chest in the porch if you felt so inclined. The cat scarer allegedly beeps but humans cannot hear it. The cat obviously can - it went up and investigated it one day before sitting down by it and washing itself.
Even GB’s bath has an audible self-cleaning process for its air jets. It is a wonderfully beepy little world.

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