Saturday, 31 May 2008

Holiday Purchases

So far this holiday I have been pretty economical with my purchases and apart from medical supplies (in which I include nicotine!) I’ve only bought a couple of cards and three other items.

The first was a walking sick. I forgot to bring my stick and whilst GB has a collection of them none had a handle to suit me. The stick I have got is plastic - who would ever have imagined I would buy a plastic walking stick? But it is great. It can be collapsed down to fit in a rucksack and it has adjustable height in case any one else wants to use (or I shrink).

The second was a biscuit barrel from a charity shop at the massive expenditure of £2.50. We don’t have a decent biscuit barrel but if I am honest that wasn’t the main reason for getting it. I just had one of those nostalgia moments - this being similar to the one my grandmother had. The only difference being that hers seemed bigger but as the lady behind the counter pointed out - my hands were smaller in those days. All I need now is the coconut macaroons to go in it.

And my third purchase was a £2.50 box of watercolour paints. Fiona gave me some paper and pastels to have a play with but I decided instead to have a go at watercolours. It’s been good fun and I shall do a separate blog to show you some.

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