Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sound and noise

The other day GB and I were discussing the big difference between noise and sound. Sitting outside his house there is a great deal of sound - the wind, the breakers on the shore, the Skylarks twittering on high, and the occasional scream of a passing gull, or the peeping of the Oystercatchers. (Although there are animals on the nearby crofts it is rare to hear a cow moo or a sheep bleat though the cockerel lets us know when it‘s dawn - in case we cannot see.) How different all this sound is from the man-made noise of a urban living - traffic, shouting, machinery, engines, revving, alarms going off, doors banging….
The former is often described as the peace and quiet of the countryside. In fact it is anything but quiet. But, unlike the latter, there is no noise!

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