Saturday, 17 May 2008

GB’s garage


This concrete monstrosity is GB’s garage. One gets used to it after a while but I can still recall the first time I saw it and the shock / horror at such an ugly thing being plonked at the top of the garden. The islands of Lewis and Harris are not exactly noteworthy for any policy of having buildings in keeping with the beauty of the landscape. Or perhaps, if you look at the bleak peat bog landscape with neutral eyes, the buildings do have a sort of appropriateness. They were built to withstand the conditions rather than for any brief and recent tourist season...

But the real subject of debate between GB and his friend Pat - who lives on the opposite side of the valley in Upper Bayble - is the colour of the door. I agree with her - red is too striking. GB’s answer “You feel that strongly, you paint it!” Perhaps I don’t feel too bad about it after all…

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