Sunday, 25 May 2008

The HEB Magazine and Pictorial

GB got an advance copy of The HEB 2008 (ISSN 1477-1950) from its editor, Fred Silver, the other day and I have just finished reading it. Well worth the £3.95 asking price in my view. It’s a fascinating mixture of articles, ferry timetables, events, adverts, route maps and people news.

I was particularly interested to learn about Aline Forest - the largest community-owned woodland in Scotland - and its boardwalk path around a little loch. I have booked a trip there with GB in the near future so it should get its own blog posting - weather permitting.

Among the other articles I found of particular interest were ones on Stornoway Trust, boat trips to the Shiants, the whaling industry, Mingulay, and Napoleon’s MacDonald.

Good work, everyone at The HEB, keep it up!

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