Thursday, 6 March 2008

More Bollards


When I did a blog on bollards GB commented I would find many in ‘new’ Liverpool compared to my 1960s trips around the side streets. How right he was!

There are bollards everywhere.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a single old-fashioned one though one of the styles was at least a reproduction of an earlier style. (I could tell they weren’t 1960s ones by the material they were made of and by the .com advert on them!)

Above are a just a few of the styles to be found nowadays.

In Chinatown the bollards are in keeping with the style of some of the other street furniture like lamp posts.

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  1. Broxap bollards are nowadays imported from China, have a look here: , for UK manufactured cast iron bollards and here: , for my history of street furniture. You can get me at


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