Saturday, 15 March 2008

Your old computer


What do you do when your computer gives up the ghost? It seems that most people simply scrap it and throw it out with the rubbish or take it directly to the tip. If you are in that category, beware!

Even when we think we have deleted files they tend to remain on our hard drive and can only be removed with expensive professional software. Computers that are simply thrown away often contain tons of information which, in the wrong hands, can be used fraudulently. A far safer option is to give the computer to a reputable charity such as Computer-aid. For a small fee (around £9.00) they will collect old computers to refurbish them for use abroad in the Third World or for learning projects in this country. Charities such as these will use proper professional software to wipe the hard drive before passing them on.

Another alternative is to keep the hard drive - assuming it's not kaput, and simply add it to your new computer to give you a back up drive or extra Gb.

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  1. I find opening the drives up and then ramming a screwdriver through the platters is usually enough assurance that nothing will ever be read from them again (at least without spending some serious money)!


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