Saturday, 1 March 2008



When asked if I watch reality shows I deny it – only making the exception for “Strictly Come Dancing”. I realised yesterday I was wrong to do so. For some time I have watched “Masterchef” and I presume that counts as one. I like a lot of the cookery programmes – Ready Steady Cook, Saturday Kitchen (on the rare occasion I’m home on a Saturday) and so on. Not only do you get some good recipes on them but you also pick up tiny tips on how to improve some of the things you already do.

In Masterchef, amateur cooks take part in nine heats leading up to three semi-finals and a final. The judges are chef John Torode and veg guru Gregg Wallace.

This week was the Masterchef Final and it was won by ex-barrister James Nathan who became Masterchef Champion 2008 but the one who impressed me most was Emily, an eighteen year old girl who was one of the three finalists. To make it to the final of Masterchef at 18 is to cookery what being a Mozart is to music.

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  1. We have Masterchef here. It's not a programme I would normally watch but it's on at 1730 and therefore I usually see the end of it before the Six O'Clock News. We are down to the last four (quarter finals?) and the contestants you mention are not there so I assume it's an old one: 2007 perhaps. I can't remember anything about them except that one is a woman! Perhaps I'll take a greater interest next time I see it.


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