Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Ad Non-sense

I have an Ad-sense spot on this blog in the vague hope of making some passive income (perhaps as much as 20p a decade?). The annoying thing is I’m not allowed to click on it myself as it breaches the terms of the advertising – obviously unscrupulous folk would just sit there clicking on the adverts on their own page to make income. Since the subject matter is related to the content of my latest blogs there have been a few that I would have been interested in visiting. Though, of course, the interpretation of the relationship is often pretty loose. A blog posting about otter conservation for example might lead to an advert for otter fur coats!

But today’s advert has me baffled. It is about Knickers for Men. That is certainly not something I have done a posting about in the last couple of days (or ever!)

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