Friday, 19 February 2021

Journey to the West this is what we said to those who asked us who we were and where we came from:

We are human beings first and last, our religion is our faith in humanity and there can be no religion greater than that.  If we call ourselves Indians we will meet Pakistanis.  If we go as Hindus we will meet Christians and Muslims. If we go as socialists we will meet capitalists.  If we go as human beings we will meet human beings everywhere. 

        Satish Kumar


  1. If only the majority of human beings could see it like that, like it truly is!

  2. So simple, so true, so hard to understand why so much hate in the world. I always try to remember that there is also many good, loving, and generous people in the you! Take care John!

  3. If we go wanting to spread love, we will. Some might not accept it, but that's not our concern.

  4. So true and well said. Wish all human beings would see their human-being like this..

  5. Thank you for those words. Where are you gone? Let's hear some more in 2022


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