Wednesday 9 November 2016

Meeting Katie Rose

Last week Partner-who-loves-tea and I visited Exeter to become acquainted with Helen and Ian’s new arrival, Katharine Rose.  We stayed at a farmhouse nearby and had three separate visits to the happy threesome.

Meeting my first granddaughter…

Three generations (and a cat)…

Grandma’s turn please…

Pass the parcel – back to Mum…

And on to Dad…

All this being admired is hard work…

Another day – another game of pass the parcel…

Safe in Mum’s arms again…

Oh No! Those people are here again – I bet they’re going to play that game …

I was right – and it’s so boring…

Last year there were only two of these at Hallowe’en…

Bye for now…


  1. Lovely pictures, radiating happiness and pride!
    I like it how the cats are involved. A friend of mine who had her first child in April this year has two cats. They are still cautious around the newcomer but have adapted very well.

  2. Congratulations again, she's beautiful! My prayer is she grows up in a world of peace and love.

  3. Such a cute baby. Congrats to the parents. Lovely images John!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Thanks for taking so many lovely family photos. I think Katie rather enjoyed being passed around.

  5. Those cats really want to make sure they're in the picture too, don't they! :) Thanks for introducing us to both your lovely grandchildren; and congratulations to both sets of proud parents as well, of course!

  6. Congratulations on another very happy event. Lovely photos of such a delighted family, little Katharine Rose is so sweet.

  7. Thank you all for sharing your beautiful family, and especially for the intoductions to Katie Rose, and Toby (31 Oct.) Congratulations, and Well Done, all round!

  8. Such precious photos! Everyone looks great and the baby is so adorable. I'm betting this is just the beginning of many wonderful fun this Christmas for your family with your new Grandchildren!

  9. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! I am about halfway through crocheting her baby blanket. Next will be Toby's.

  10. She is so pretty! Of course, you agree! :-)


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