Saturday 19 November 2016

Ain't That Swell

We sometimes visit an antique shop in Birkenhead called Amorini Antiques.   It's a great place to wander around room after room and pick up bargains.  While GB was staying with us we went into the vintage tearooms there for the first time.

It's called 'Ain't That Swell' and it certainly was swell.

The coffee was excellent and plentiful, the home-baked cakes are large and great value for money.

I had a scone which was a perfect consistency.  (Note the traditional Times2 crossword in the background - we have a target of finishing it before our coffee break is over and, as usual, we did).

They also serve soup, sandwiches, teacakes, and so on.  Although we didn't have any of those, I am sure they will be just as good as the cakes.

Using a Second World War ration book as a menu is a nice touch.

The service was most pleasant and the background music lovely (and not too loud).

We shall undoubtedly return in the very near future.


  1. It looks and sounds great - and I should not have looked at the pictures of cake and scone before breakfast...!

  2. I was down at Pacific Road the other day picking up a parcel and forgot about this little gem. Definitely will visit soon, I'm looking for some vintage bits and bobs for my new summerhouse, hopefully a small wicker table. If will be a good excuse to try one of their yummy looking scones.

  3. That's a very nice post. I note that the prices of the menu items are just a little lower than I'd expect to pay in Sylvania, Ohio, USA. I think your atmosphere is nicer as well, as I tend to enjoy quiet restaurants with background music. These things are notably hard to come by in the modern world, and I'm starting to feel my age.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Oh this looks wonderful! I would love to take a tearoom tour of the U.K.

  5. That looks like a place I would love! The name did make me smile because I would expect a more Victorian name for such a vintage sounds pretty American slang! No matter the name, the food looks wonderful!

  6. If i am ever blessed to get to England again, i'm going to ask you to draw me up an itinerary for all of the wonderful places you go!

  7. It sounds SWELL! :-)
    Mmmm....scones and teacakes, you are making me miss England!

  8. Nothing I like better than going to a lovely quiet place for tea. Scones and cake look delicious. Wish I were there!


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