Sunday 14 September 2014

Scottish Holiday – Day Six – Monday

We all took our leave of the bride and groom on the Monday morning and left Achnagairn House and its wedding trimmings.

It continued to rain as P-w-l-t and I made our way South to the Lochailort Inn on the Road to the Isles. 

In view of the rain some of the time was spent indoors exploring the marvels of Treasures of the Earth.  It is a rock, mineral and crystal museum and shop near Fort William.  

This was a rather nice little crystal on display in the museum.

Well, actually, not exactly little!!!

These aren’t small either.




Yellow Fluorite from Cumbria

P-w-l-t and I should not be allowed near crystals.  As usual we came out with a large bag and lighter wallets.  Still, that's a couple of Christmas presents sorted.  A little wander around in the rain took us back to the Lochailort Inn where we were to stay for the next two nights.


  1. Impressive chrystals! The aquamarine is my favourite stone. I used to have a beautiful silver ring with an aquamarine set in an unusual way, originally it belonged to my great-grandmother or maybe even a generation further back. Stupidly, I lost it: during the break at a Harry Belafonte concert, I went to the Ladies' and took the ring off for washing my hands... of course I left the Ladies' without putting the ring back on. As soon as I realized it, I rushed back, but it was too late - someone else is now probably wearing it proudly :-(

  2. Love the malachite, our daughter's favorite stone, my wallet would definitely have been lighter too.

  3. If I had been there, you would have heard my oohs and ahhhs! Are you recovered from all that fun?

  4. Sounds like a fabulous trip, in spite of the rain. Or, perhaps because of it, since it enabled you to stop at the crystal shop. xoxox

  5. Lovely way to spend the rainy day! Amethyst is my favorite...probably because it's my birth stone! Like the first comment, I too have a special ring with an amethyst that belonged to my Grandmother. I would be sick if I lost it. I think it's sad someone took her ring. Have a good week John...Fall season is knocking at the door!

  6. If i went there, my wallet would be lighter, too! Even in the rain, the crystals would cheer me up.

  7. Lucky there was a museum to turn to in rainy weather. Your inn away from home looks inviting.

  8. It's a long time since I drove the Road to the Isles. I don't ever recall seeing the Treasures of the Earth shop and museum.

  9. I love crystals and the way they shine and reflect light. Beautiful!!!

  10. Oh what fun you and Jo must have had at Treasures of the Earth.....I know how much you both love may have to built a large display case for your new babies.

    1. *build*
      serves me right for typing without checking back.

    2. We all do that some time or another - I usually spot mine just as I hit the 'Publish' button and go 'Oh No!!!'.

  11. I always used to marvel as a child that it was possible to grow crystals. I don't know why it seemed so impossible to me to grow crystals, when people grow equally beautiful and complex flowers all the time!


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