Friday 19 September 2014

Scottish Holiday – Day Seven - Tuesday

I'm posting this as the results of the Referendum are coming in.  

Tuesday was another wet day and one on which I was not in the best of health.  Our first stop was Arisaig Tourist Information Office which also housed a wonderful display about their Post Office.  I shall do a separate post on that subject – perhaps on my Postal blog.   Also there was a stone incised with Neolithic (4000 – 2500 BC) carving that was found on the Rhu Peninsula, Arisaig. 

The Centre was built on the site of the old smithy and still contains the forge and other bits and pieces.

We carried on up the old Road to the Isles but the rain and mist meant that the usual view of the Inner Hebrides was non-existent.  

We parked up in Mallaig – the end of the Road and also of the railway line that runs from Fort William over the viaduct at Glenfinnan.  The viaduct which appears in the Harry Potter film.

Because I wasn’t well we headed back to the Lochailort Inn for me to have a lie down.  But the idea or a sleep was soon upset by the fact that there were Red Deer in the Inn’s garden.

Deer fences are OK until the deer get the wrong side of them and can’t get back! 

This was Mum (on the correct side of the fence) keeping an eye on what her son or daughter was up to.

After taking a few slow speed photos in the midday dark of a rainy day I headed for bed.   But my sleep was soon interrupted by Partner-who-loves-tea telling me of the arrival of a number of Red Deer under the bedroom window.

When a deer moves fast and it’s dark outside the best a chap can do is click through the rain-soaked window and hope for the best.

Each of the deer was easily recognisable.   This one was darker than the first one we saw.

 This one had little antlers growing.

Then this one turned up and the first one we had seen took one look at him/her and fled across the road.

After a sleep we went downstairs for dinner which was excellent.  And so to bed – properly this time.


  1. You had quite a day of deer sightings. Sorry you were a bit under the weather.

  2. Thanks for the look at Arisaig museum. I never visited but did like the memorial to the special agents.

  3. Glad you were refreshed by your nap. That is a bunch of deer you saw today.
    Here we are waiting to hear if Scotland will be an independent country.

  4. Watching deer right outside the window is a wonderful treat! Thank you for sharing it with us, i can imagine them not being still more than a moment.

  5. The deer are coming down into the townships of Lewis more now too. Beautiful though they are they could become a real nuisance.

  6. Not much of a lie down but good to see the photos.

  7. The deer photos are quite captivating and I'm glad you made the effort to capture them.


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