Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hands, tongues and never been kissed...

The Hand!

On Saturday I did a silly thing. I had two things in the oven.  A frying pan of kedgeree and a tray of roasting beetroot.  Needless to say the frying pan handle was hot – extremely so.  I took it out of the oven.  I’m not that daft – I used an oven glove to pick it up.  I placed it on top of the stove.  A minute or two later I took the tray of beetroot out of the oven.  I’m not that daft – I used an oven glove to pick it up.

There wasn’t quite enough room on top of the stove to put it down so I used my left hand to pick up the frying pan by the handle.  I’m that daft – I failed to use an oven glove to pick it up. 

I shoved burns cream on it - we keep it by the stove because I'm always burning myself.  Not usually through stupidity but because my sensory nerves don't register heat or cold properly.  Then  I put my hand in cold water.

After ten minutes I realised the agony wasn’t just going to disappear so I called Richard in.  He looked up what to do on the Internet.  Apparently very cold water is the worst thing you can do. If the shock to the heart doesn’t kill you the agony from the extreme temperature change does.  So we added some hot water until it was cool.  Aaah. Moderate relief.  The problem was I couldn't take my hand out of the water for the next two hours.  Every time I did I was doubled up in agony.  Eventually I managed it and I sat and watched the TV while Richard plied me with cups of tea in the hope it might take my mind of it as I watched the blisters grow and grow.  

Richard had also looked up whether one should go to hospital – It said anyone over 60 should, any severe burn to the hand should, anyone with heart problems should, etc. etc....  Obviously I decided not to.  After all, I’m a bloke!

Any way.  This is what you should do if you ever burn your hand really badly -

Immediately put your hand in lukewarm /warm water to stop the burning process.  It can possibly avoid blistering as well.  Never put any kind of burn cream or balm or butter or suchlike on it because that will contain the heat and keep it burning.  Under no circumstances use ice cold water - that puts your hand into shock and can also give anyone with a weak heart a heart attack - always use lukewarm water.

Leave it under water for at least 10-15 minutes so it can cool the tissues underneath to prevent it from continuing to burn within.  If need be, keep it under for as long as is necessary to stop the pain being unbearable. 

Only then should you apply your burn cream.  Among the herbal remedies recommended if you lack burn cream but have them in the house are aloe vera or lavender oil in a carrier oil.

Never pop the blisters.

Wrap with gauze only if you are going to be covering it with clothing or while you are sleeping.   The rest of the time leave it open to air - this will help it heal faster.

For pain take ibuprofen (it has an anti-inflammatory in it to help reduce swelling).  Take 200-400mg every 6 hours but no more than 1200mg in 24 hours.

Report to the E.R. if:
- the redness or swelling subsequently increases
- the burn begins to drain pus of any color
- you begin to run a fever of 101.0 or higher
- you have red lines extending up your hand to the rest of your body
All of the above are signs of infection and you'll need antibiotics a.s.a.p. to treat it.

I'll spare you a picture of my hand but suffice to say it has survived a lot bettrer than I desrved and whikst I can't grab anything at the moment I can at least use a couple of finger tips for typing..

 Old Postcards

I have bought some old postcards on E-bay.  They are a mixture of unused and posted.  Whilst I was really after the unused ones to use for postcrossing the used ones are equally interesting.  I loved this one to Ethel from her friend Jinnie in 1907.

 I'll treat you to some more of these another time.

For those suffering from Ivy withdrawal symptoms...

You’ve heard of a Terrapin
And a Pterosauraurus?
May I now introduce you
To a little Terropus….

“How come she’s allowed out and I’m not?”
“A girl’s got to keep herself clean.  You never know when a young Tom might come along!”

“Did you know my tongue has backwards-facing rigid spines about 500 micrometers long, which contain keratin and are called papillae. These spines allow us to groom ourselves by licking our fur, with the rows of papillae acting like a hairbrush.”

“Have you noticed my new collar.”

“Those meanies have put a bell on it to warn the birdies and mice when I am eventually allowed out.  I've been very good and not complained about it at all.”


  1. Youch! Sorry about the burn. I absolutely love the postcard!

  2. Flamazine John. it mends burns, it mends cracked feet or pulled nail beds. Get small tubes cos it only lasts a while once opened. It is expensive and I suspect it is a prescribed potion....wrong word you spread it on and don't eat it even if you have drunk your tea too hot.
    The gauze dressing net made from seaweed...I forget what it's called also heals big cuts and burns in days, even in hard to heal places like the palm of your hand.
    Have fun.

    1. At first I thought Flamazine was a comment - like flaming amazing rolled into one! Thanks Adrian.

    2. No I expressed myself bauldly, sorry. It is wonderful stuff. It isn't cheap like Savlon. It is brilliant. Look it up, I can't be bothered, I know how good it is. It does what it says it does.
      Gaz will have it on his boat. If Gaz is the paramedic he can get it for you he just has to sign it over. My ticket has run out so can't help.

    3. You never express yourself badly, Adrian. I was joking. And to find something that does what it says it does is quite flamazin'.
      And thanks for the tip re Gaz. I also have a daughter who's a qualified doctor so between them I should be able to get it!

  3. So terribly sorry to hear about your burns. They are so painful. I do hope they feel better soon. I like Adrian's suggestions...I'm not sure either Flamzine or seaweed gauze are available over here, but I am definitely going to check it out.

    Love the Ivy photos -- particularly the one where the l-o-o-o-ng tail is dangling over the edge of the shelf.

    Take care and God bless, xoxo C.

  4. Phew! Glad your hand is still "there", and you can even still blog!

    Tell Ivy that her new collar was the very first thing I noticed when I looked at her latest pictures here. I've always wondered whether the little bells at the collar really prevent birds and mice from being killed by cats. When Pukky was still alive, and still strong enough to go out, I always knew where she was because the blackbird alert accompanied her on her walks. She never had a bell on her collar, and the birds still always spotted her.

    1. I'm not sure how successful bells are either. Neither of our last cats had bells and all they ever brought in were frogs so hopefully the birds here will be alert enough any way.

  5. At least you can still blog while your hand recovers. I was sent an email recently that said only use egg whites immediately on a burn....relieves the pain and stops blistering, and with no scarring.
    So who will bell the cat? I think that was your idea, so you'll know her every move....poor Ms. Ivy. She will get you back CJ.

    1. Ah, thanks Virginia but see Shabby Girl's comment below. I don't think I'll risk it!
      'Who will bell the cat?' / 'Belling the cat' is an ideal expression for my words and phrases blog. I haven't heard it for years.

    2. Thanks Virginia - it has become tomorrow's word on my word blog.

    3. I never thought to check out Snopes, good thing Shabby Girl did.

  6. I just received an email the other day about burns that involved egg whites. After reading your post, I thought, "Oh, he should know about this!"
    Luckily, there was a little bug in my head that said, "Better check out Snopes before passing this along."
    Yep, False. AND, if the burn is really bad, egg whites can transmit salmonella! Whew! So glad I checked.
    On another note...Ivy is sooo beautiful! I'm sure she can't wait to GET OUT!!! :)

    1. Thanks for checking that out, Shabby Girl. It seems from Virginia's comment that the e-mail is doing the rounds so it's as well to know it's inadvisable.

  7. Well I think I shall pass on a frying pan that goes in the oven.

    1. I agree GB. I have always been wary of them but we inherited this one from Brian. It is the first (and last) time I've used it.

  8. 'Ouch' (x many) on the burn... Please be careful, and please don't ignore it if it doesn't seem to heal as it should! I agree with GB... Better pass on using that kind of frying pan. I think all mine now have plastic handles.

  9. Ouch! That sounds so painful. I hate when I get burned cooking. Usually it's when I'm taking something out of the oven and hit one of the inside racks. I have brown slash marks on my hands and arms every holiday season from the burns! Hope it heals nicely. Watch for you probably know! Ivy is lovely. Our cat is a "fair weather" cat...won't even think of venturing outdoors in the cold. However, she is the reason I quit hanging bird feeders. She thought it was her own personal I hated those little birdie heads left on the steps..she was so proud of them too.


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