Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year begins according to the Chinese calendar which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems. Because the track of the new moon changes from year to year, Chinese New Year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February. 

New Year 2012 is January 23rd and the animal for the year is the Dragon.

To learn all about the Dragon personality go to this page.

The Chinese Dragon is a mythological symbol that represents fertility, immortality and happiness. What’s more, it’s also know to symbolize procreation and activity. Dating as far back as 3000 BC, many looked to Chinese Dragons to keep evil spirits at bay. When you are visiting any Chinese city, you’ll come face-to-face with mystical, powerful dragons who are proudly displayed on ancient monuments, and stone pillars of Chinese temples.

All over the city, you’ll find Chinese Dragons depicted as playing with a thunder ball or a pearl in addition to be embroidered on gorgeous gold and silk tapestries. And that’s not all. Chinese generals wear these dragons on their uniforms and they were the once the imperial emblem of Chinese Emperors. During ancient times, the dragon was considered the most sacred of all animals. The Chinese Dragon meaning is also one of divine ruler of the sea, the river and the lakes. The Chinese refer to themselves as Descendents of the Dragon”Long De Chuan Ren.”

The Year of the Dragon is considered the year of luck because a part of the Chinese Dragon meaning is good fortune in the areas of health, wealth and living a long, prosperous life. It is believed that anyone who holds an emblem of this divine mythical animal will be protected and safe. This all important ancient symbol is respected and beloved by the Chinese people
If you want to know what animal sign you are see the chart below.  

The Ox is sometimes also known as the Buffalo, the Rabbit as the Cat and the Sheep as the Goat.

I’m a boring Buffalo or Ox.  What are you?


  1. Well, it seems that I'm a dragon. So this should be my year. If only that would be true. I guess I better be sure I buy a lottery ticket every week, right?

  2. I'm a Dragon, so I have high hopes for this year. It has to be better than last!
    Gung Hay Fat Choy!

  3. I'm a monkey. Just read what that's supposed to mean. Something wrong somewhere!

  4. A monkey.
    I like the idea of dragons meaning happiness and good luck, while in European culture, they generally represented evil. Funny how something can have the opposite meaning in a different cultural environment.

  5. I'm a rat, wood rat to be more specific. :)

  6. I've never been a believer in astrology of any school. However when I follow your link I find that Sheep (that's me) "only want a bit of peace, enjoy carrying on with life in their own quiet, individual way --- and focus much of their energy on artistic hobbies..." Have to say baa-amen to that! ;)

  7. I'm a horse. Which is appropriate as I've always had to work like one! LOL


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