Thursday, 19 January 2012


I knew He would get His own back as soon as I posted my rant against DataTransfer! Look what happened when I went to see who had posted anything lately...

He is obviously omniscient - and it didn't take him long to respond!


  1. I get this at least twice a week. No worries. It's cyber space. Even your Mark suffers from it...that gives me hope. He sorts my blog even when I haven't recognised a problem. On the ball he is.

  2. This happens to me every so often, too; though, I think it's just due to some inner workings that are so familiar to blogger.

  3. That's one problem I've not had. I just used to lose individuals. How is it that when one has said something one knows instinctively that one should not have done. I just hope that making it as a comment on your blog I've confused the G of DT.


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