Monday 27 December 2010

On Christmas Day in the morning...

I dreamed of a White Christmas...

And we got one.

Putting the last touches to the tree.  We each have one special ornament that is our own and we add them at the last minute.

Then it is time to open presents

That is, the ones the Royal Mail have managed to deliver by Christmas.

Jo won't pose for me but Richard will.

Then it is time to eat Jo's lovely dinner - it's lamb this year (as usual).

I hope your Christmas Day was as enjoyable as ours...,


  1. We both had ours wishes of a white Christmas fulfilled ...yah!
    The family looks excited, and I must say what gorgeous blue eyes !!
    I'm drolling over the Christmas lamb dinner, all the traditional bits smothered in gravy, I miss those kind of dinners.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year, and thanks for sharing all your pictures with us , this past year !
    With good wishes,

  2. That dinner looks delicious! Now I'm all hungry, but it'll still another hour until I will be home and have access to food...
    It was White Christmas here, too; pictures and description of what Christmas was like for me is in my blog.

  3. What a lovely family scene. Heartwarming pics.Especially the handsome guy modelling..!!

  4. Your dinner looks scrumptios! I really enjoy seeing rooms in everyones houses too, and Christmas time seems to be a good time for that. Love your sunroom.

  5. That's a very cool tradition, adding your own special ornaments to the tree at the last minute. So what I want to know is what book Richard received!!

  6. Richard's book was about Liverpool Football Club - of which he and I are fans!!

  7. Thank you!! It's almost painful seeing someone read and not knowing what they're reading. You should see me in airports, trying to casually view book covers. I'm not very successful, unfortunately. :)


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