Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Did you know?

Did you know mince pies are illegal?

Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell and his parliamentarians, who believed all frivolity was immoral and it was their duty to cleanse the country of decadence, decreed in 1646 that eating a Christmas dinner with more than three courses was illegal and banned the consumption of “abominable and idolatrous” Christmas pudding and mince pies on that day. This has never been repealed so watch out for the Puritan police knocking on the door on Christmas Day!


  1. oh good thing I am NOT into figgy puddin and thank goodness I will be hiding out at the grand kiddies house on Christmas morning!

  2. Well I did not know that! I will post a sentry outside my door.

  3. Fortunately Oliver Cromwell never held much sway in New Zealand so I shall continue to eat mince pies with a clear conscience.


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