Monday, 29 June 2009

Just Rambling Anywhere

I couldn't decide how to sort out a blog of photos for you today so I settled for picking a few from last week at random. No doubt they will appear in a more organised form on my Hebridean Blog at some stage.

When I'm not out walking I've been playing with photos. I am preparing to join Heather's Soaring Through the World in Pictures and the Friday My Town Shoot Out. This latter had me stumped for a while since I don't really have a town at home - it's just an uninspiring suburb with little more than my precious library and a row of shops. So what I shall do eventually is show off Merseyside in general. But for the time being I shall join with my Hebridean identity and aim to show off Stornoway and the Isle of Lewis even after I've gone back to Merseyside. I'm hoping I'll have enough photos to fit most categories that people come up with for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, unless it rains I cannot see me getting a great deal of blogging done. It's too nice out there. Though today, for the first time, I was defeated in my attempts to walk. Not by the midges but by the horse flies. Vicious little creatures. Why can't they stick to horses and leave me alone?

It's half past eight in the evening and not a child in the house washed. (OK so there are no children in the house but you get my drift...)

I notice I have a new follower - welcome to Synflame (and good luck with your exams!). And while on the good luck theme - the same to Bryony and Mark who will be moving into their new home over the next few weeks.



  1. I really enjoyed your photos here. The first one was simply pleasing to my warmed me right up, like sitting in the sunshine would. Your purple flower is very similar to the one I posted...somewhere...recently :)

    These are all taken with a wonderful eye and thanks for sharing the link. Oh - just to make it easy on your mind :) - you can use your screen name and when you post a photo, simply label it as to where you are at the moment and a label to your name. That will work well, I do think.

    I have the darndest time with mosquito's and horse flies and deer flies and noseeums..and...and anything else that likes to pick at me. They tend to cause me to grumble...imagine that. :)

  2. It's fascinating how all of these photos were taken in the same place (or at least close together) and yet manage to all look so different! I am as ever in awe before your photography.

  3. Looked up horse fly and they look identical to what I know as Cleggs, vicious and painful little beasts.

  4. wow I didnt realise you had such wonderful views..outstanding...and you can blog with a view!!

    sounds like a great idea for a post or bloge even...I better stop or else I will be as prolific as you SS!! whats the total now 10?

    saz x

  5. Wow, it looks just heavenly. We have to suffer those horse flies here too. They are relentless and leave such a nasty, itchy bite. Enjoy the sunshine and blue skies!

  6. Wonderful photos! As always...enjoyed your perspective!


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