Sunday, 1 August 2010

Some old photos

I‘ve been admiring the Mullein caterpillars in Helen’s garden, as shown on her blog.

I thought that I had never seen one of them but I have been looking through some old photos and discovered I took a picture of one at Llangrove on 22nd June 1982.

It’s quite good fun looking through old photos and reminiscing about days gone by. This pig is the one which taught me – at the age of about 13 (me, not the pig) - that they have big teeth, enormous jaws and an aggressive nature when looking after a litter. She chased me across the field and I was very glad to get a gate between me and her.

The car tells you how old this photo is.

One of the two occasions on which I’ve seen a wild Sand Lizard.

I’ve never been able to resist photographing Peacocks.

A Brown Hare.

An old agricultural steam engine, apparently just abandoned at the edge of a field in mid-Wales in the late 1970s.


  1. ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♫


  2. I so much enjoy looking through old photo albums! Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Yes -- old photos are always a source of joy. Except sometimes I find old photos that remind me that I used to be a better photographer than I am now. Then again, I used to be better at alot of things than I am now.

  4. One advantage of age is that those of us who have acquired it potentially have many more memories than those who have not. And those of us who have photographed those meomries have so much to share.


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