Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday My Town - Shoot-out - Roads and pathways

 A quiet lane - Madryn, North Wales

A bridleway - Heswall, Cheshire, England

Pathway up from the Cove - Lulworth, Dorset, England

Pathway to the summit - overlooking Buttermere, Lake District, England.

Pathway through the forest - Forest of Dean, S England.

Pathway through the gate - Chester, Cheshire, England.

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  1. A very nice ramble - pictures that make me want to be there with a walking stick.

  2. It would be so nice to go over and walk all the trails of England. Beautiful!

  3. Lovely roads and pathways photo. I like that cove shot, is it on top of a non active volcano? Roads & Pathways

  4. Yes, I agree these look like great places to walk. Love your photos!

  5. Lovely area and very nice photos.

  6. NanU why don't you go walk his trails - all you need is a long weekend.... gads I would if I could, these are beautiful areas - I'd come back with a gazilion photos.

  7. Your fifth photo would be ideal for my song theme. Would you still love me when I am 64.

    Did they know you were photographing them?

  8. Got to love that pathway through the gate! Love the body language of the couple in the second to last photo. Never too old to enjoy a good wander! (I certainly hope not, anyway.)

  9. Love the paths that overlook the lake and mountains, so awesome!

  10. lovely area to walk in. awesome photos you have shared with us.


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